New Zealand

Obviously the horrible shooting spree in Christchurch is top of mind right now. It is again a senseless loss of life. Fifty families changed forever and three people who won’t ever get what they deserve. These people need hugs. These people need family. These people need closure. My home is in Cincinnati, I am 8564 miles away, I can’t help with anything substantial except to feel for these people. Thoughts and prayers do go to them and what follows is to your own family.

Here is my take. Some of our own politicians have shared their opinion on the shooting. The citizens of New Zealand don’t need to you to make it about the United States, they are dealing with burials and funerals. Here you go, for instance, AOC, you are now an ugly American. I have never been overseas but we have a reputation of being a know it all and try to make it all about us. We don’t know it all, they do need our emotional support, if they want it, so keep your ugly American mouth closed and use your new found platform to give thoughts and prayers.